Tweety Korean Styling Grooming Shears



Korean Super Curved Grooming Shears

Cute Korean Faces Made Easier


Our Professional curved shears are curved 30 degrees.   Our extreme curve makes styling Korean faces easier.   Made of the highest quality Japanese Stainless Steel with a 440c hardness rating.    Mama MO’s favorite curve for Tweety’s face and palazzo legs.

BLENDERS/THINNER:    30 Curved teeth on our blenders where each of the tips have Antler TEETH to grab hair.   Highest quality teeth provide seamless blending/thinning.


NOTE:   These are professional shears and are very sharp.  PLEASE USE CAUTION if you are NEW to grooming.

Comes in a beautiful protective case.

We also have tiny 5.5 inch PINKY Shears, which are great for everyday use.


Tiny 5.5″ Pinky Korean Styling Shears


The tips of each of the 28 teeth have Antler tips that help to hold and grab hair! Each of the 28 teeth are curved to create effortless blending without creating lines.


Cosette Baby Blue shears and Blenders 6.0 inch are finally here in very limited supply….

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Tweety PINK Super Curve 6.5in, Tweety PINK Straight 6.5in, Tweety Blenders, Tweety Set of 3 Plus Bonus Comb