MO Korean Styling Shears, Sample Shears and Used Shears




Korean Super Curves = Korean Kawaii Faces

Extreme Curved Blades = Effortless Korean Muzzles

Super curves Effortlessly & Artistically Style and Shape Faces for you!


We are bringing in SUPER EXTREME CURVE  5.5 inch, 6 inch and 6 1/2 inch shears made especially to facilitate that perfect Korean muzzle.   Our Korean Curves are also great for around the hems of long palazzo legs, and to curve out those pretty long ears.   Most find it soooooo much easier to shape Korean faces when the scissors help do the artistic work with ease.   In Mama MO style, we’ll be adding MO Bling to each Korean style shear we bring in.

Pro Super Curved Korean 6 inch in Pink


NOTE:   Traditional United States curved shears are usually 15 – 20 degree curves.    Korean EXTREME curves are 25 – 30 degree curved.    Very high end Korean curved shears also have a unique aluminum handle, which makes for a very light weight, extreme curved shear for professional groomers.    Adding silicon Korean larger and tackier finger rings increase comfort and optimizes fit.

Pro Super Curved Korean Shear in Turquoise 6 inch


WARNING:   These are professional edged shears and must be used with caution.   Please do not use around the hygiene area.    Korean face shaping is not recommended if you are new to grooming and/or if your dog exhibits movement or agitation during grooming/styling sessions.


Tiny and Mighty Shears Designed for

Maltese & Toy Breeds

Straights and Blenders

Shorter Blunt tip shears are AWESOME for new groomers and seasoned groomers alike.   The perfect tools help create perfectly GORGEOUS styles.

We have recommend shears in the past, but the shears we have recommended have been very costly for our friends.   We are VERY PICKY about the shears we use, especially for KOREAN BEAUTY STYLING.    We have therefore brought in a limited supply of our favorite size and superior quality shears.

These tiny 5 – 6 1/2 inch shears are supreme quality, blunt tip, bejeweled MO Blinged out shears.    We’ve also added Kawaii Korean style candy colored finger ring inserts to allow for the most comfortable fit as well as the MOST control.

Blades are Japanese 440c Stainless Steel with ultimate hardness for the highest in long lasting quality.

Samples, Used or Hard to Find Shears

We do have a set of Chris Christensen Merlynn 7″ inch straights and a Chris Christensen Merlynn 7″ U.S. Curves (standard U.S. Curve).   Please email us if you are interested in these hard to find very exquisite Chris Christensen Merlynn shears at


USED: Chris Christensen Merlynn 7 inch Straights
USED: Chris Christensen Merlynn 7″ Curves (standard U.S. curve)


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

Pinky PINK 5.5 inch, Pinky BLUE 5.5 inch, Curvy Princess Pink 6.0 inch, Curvy Turquoise 6.0 inch, Tweety 6.5 inch, Japan 5.5 inch, Japan Swivel 5.5 inch, Japan 6.0 inch, Demo or Sample Shear, Used and Hard to Find


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