MO Grooming Kits – Best Bones PLUS Best Bands for Top Knots – MO BONES AND BANDS



PERFECT Grooming Kits for Top Knots

(A Super Value:   Mama MO Fills with goodies)

  • 12 of our MO Bone Snap Hair Clips
  • Special Mix of the BEST grooming bands/top knot bands
  • Super Compact and Cute Organizer Case to hold it all together

It’s a GREAT DEAL!!!! and we have color themes pre-built, or we can custom build a kit with your favorite colors.   Mama MO has a kit in the car, in the purse and in every room of the house.   We also have empty cases available for purchase.


Caution:   BANDS are for HAIR ONLY — NEVER tie bands around any skin, especially staying away from EAR SKIN as the bands can cause permanent damage to skin.     Bands should be replaced daily!

4 Shades of Pink from NEON Pink, Pinky Pink, Coral Pink and Peachy Pink

3 Shades of Purple from Jewel Dark Purple, Lavendar and Pinky Lavender

2 Shades of Blue from Royal Blue to Light Blue



MO “Bones and Bands” KITS:   MO’s MIX Color KITS

Mama MO will put together a MO MIX or if you want …..

Let us know what colors you want and we’ll build you a custom kit filled with 5 Colors and over a DOZEN of our MO BONE SNAPS.

YOU CAN ADD COMMENTS when you check out in the “ORDER NOTES”

All will be organized in a very nice little case that you can have at your grooming table or to throw in your purse!

NOTE:    Colors can vary depending on our seasonal inventory!




Additional information

COLOR Theme for KIT

Bones and Bands PINK, Bones and Bands BLUES, Bones and Bands NEON, Bones and Bands PURPLE, Bones and Bands BLACK and WHITE, CUSTOM Bones and Bands, EMPTY Bones and Bands Case