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Hello world!

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    1. I have order 2 times from you just got the second box today. I absolutely ❤️ all the things I got from you. Clothes are really cute when she grows into them she’s going to be So Vogue. Thank you so much. Need to know bought 3 different travel kits. I wanted to see what was best for her she’s not quite 5 mo. Old got the 4 piece eye ❤️It she doesn’t even fight me when I do it to her. ❤️ Love that. I I got the whiting travel kit , amplify and the silk one. I know how to use the reconstructing shine spray every time I brush her but some of them no directions I’ve watched you on YouTube FB. Her hair is silky but someday a little frizzy and somedays she just looks dirty😁 can’t stand that look. Oh one more thing did you say on one of your videos never cut there hair then till there past one yr old ??? But anyways thank you so much and your babies for helping 💕

      1. Hello there! We are happy you received your order. The Factor ZERO in all three travel kits is a Clarifying Shampoo. You can use this once every 3 -5 baths to ready the hair before shampooing. You can alternate between the Amplify and the Silk Shampoo diluting 1 part Shampoo + 10 parts water. I recommend adding a squirt of the White Magic or the Star Line Brightening Shampoo when you want an extra boost of whitening to your babies coat. You can add this to the Amplify OR the Silk depending on which shampoo you are using.

        You also have a SILK Conditioning spray in the Silk Basics kit. You can alternate between using the SILK Conditioning spray and the Reconstruction Shine spray during your daily brush outs. The SILK is better when the coat is a little drier, but for puppies it is better to use the Reconstruction as is lighter then the SILK.

        You’ll be using the SILK conditioner diluted in water after each shampoo, since the other kits do not have a conditioner.

        The Amplify Volumizing Gel and the Amplify Volumizing Foam is applied on damp hair after the bath and before the blow drying. You can save this for when your baby gets older and has finished her adult coat transitioning in.

        We recommend not trimming the body or leg hairs too early in puppies only to help prevent the extreme matting between the puppy coat and the adult coat. Cutting puppy coats is definitely workable if the daily brushing is kept up. Whether the puppy coat is cut or kept longer, daily brushing with a conditioning spray is really necessary to help prevent the extreme mats from forming.

        Congratulations on your new puppy! Team MO sends a shower of kisses to our new puppy friend!😘

        1. Thanks for all the info. I have reconstructing shine spray. But still have premium show moisture unleashed. But I was using it on her before I got this. Which conditioner should I get. I don’t want mats I bush her 2 times a day. She’s harder than my daughter and she has long hair. But I want her to look like yours there gorgeous. I’m hoping she stays small not sure she weights 3 lbs 6oz already. The vet says she will probably be 5 to 6 lbs. I guess I will have to wait and see. Do you have anything on YouTube about feeding I’m going to try that to. It’s not my first Maltese my tiny little boy was killed when we were walking a huge dog grabbed him and his little life ended. Not even 2 years old. So I have been watching you for 2 years and you helped me with him😢. I really thank you for all you do. Lots of ❤️. Thanks so much

          1. Hi there … I am so sorry to hear about your little boy maltese. Hugs and Prayers! We are happy you have found a new maltese to LOVE and BE LOVED by! I bet your little baby is enjoyed a wonderful home with your family. The SHOW conditioner can work for now after your shampoo. After that you may want to try either the Reconstruction Conditioner or the Silk Basics Conditioner. I would use the Reconstruction Conditioner as a normal hair week. I would use the Silk Basics Conditioner OR a less diluted version of the Reconstruction Conditioner on baths where you POP in a SQUIRT of the White Magic or the Star Brightening(blue) shampoos. The White Magic and the Star Brightening Shampoos are in need of a heavier conditioning of the hair to seal the coat from staining.

            I don’t yet have a food youtube yet, but we recommend friends to pop over to the website as they have great recipes, videos and tips for home cooking. We used them to first learn how to home cook for our dogs. Now we often order their food and have it delivered, when life does not afford me to cook for my girls.

            Thank you for visting and shopping with us. Tweety the Sweety, Cosy Cosette, Dolce da Diva and Pinkerella all send our LOVE and HUGS!!!!!!

          2. Thanks so much for the information sorry I haven’t got back sooner but my allergies really hit hard. I order some conditioners the leave in and some other ones. Can’t wait to see the seaq bow tie think she will fit it around Christmas. I was going to order some things you talk about on your videos do you get credit for this like amazon or other sites if so how do I let them know got the info on there product from Maltese Obsession.

            I used some of the shampoos and conditioners on her she looks great hair is so silky and white. I can’t believe with one shampooing and the spray on conditioner is great I really love Her eye area is looking better with the 4 step and she is cutting teeth. These products are really good and the bows and clothes really love Thanks so much Totally hooked I think my little girl will look as good as your babies. I only have seen one Maltese that looked that good and that was my dads but he has groomers and the money me with kids it’s hard but this I can afford Thanks again so happy ❤️❤️❤️

          3. Hi Brenda and Baby Maltese: We are so happy you are enjoying the Pure Paws and the MO goodies. The Black Bling harness is very cute, but the size MEDIUM may be a bit big for your baby. I’d recommend getting a XS or XXS if you want your baby to not come out of it. Tweety is 6 pounds and wears a XS and Dolce is 4 pounds and needs to wear an XXS Easygo harness. Let us know how much your baby weighs and we can try and predict the size of the harness better.

            We’ve added new MO goodies to your new order, which we hope you enjoy. Praying you are feeling better from your allergies. Tweety, Cosette, Pinky and Dolce all send their warmest wishes and Happy Easter to you and your baby.

          4. She is 3 lbs and she will be 5 months old next week I’m not sure how big she is going to get. My little boy was 5 lbs He was full grown She seems to be bigger cause when he was 5 mos he only weighted 2. 3oz. But the vet seems to think she will weigh 5 to 6 lbs. so I don’t know. I want to order the wedding dress not sure what size. Her chest is almost 10 in. I hope that helps If it is way to big I will let my daughter have it she’s small but looks huge with Tiamo that’s the baby there both the same age she was homeless at 2 weeks old and gets jealous and wants what Tiamo has really funny. I should send pictures of both. Do you have her size. Cause I will get another one

            Happy Easter to you and your family

          5. Hi there! Your baby is a size XXS harness right now, but if she is expecting to grow to 5-6 lbs then she can grow into an XS harness. The size SMALL harness that you ordered is definitely too large. We can change the size since we just received a new shipment of the Star Silk Cream jars and will add this to your order.

            The wedding dress your baby may be able to fit a small right now, but it will be too small in a few months.

            Hugs and Happy Easter from Team MO🌷❤️🌷

    2. I just received my package today. I cannot wait to use the pure paws Star Line Brightening Shampoo on my wee Maltese. I also love the macaroon clip case and clips. So Kawaii ❤️🌸 🙂 also, thank you for the additional pink bands and clips.

      1. We are so happy you enjoy your items. Thank you for visiting us. Our warmest hugs to you and your Maltese! ❤️ Wishing you a wonderful week! 🐾🐾🐶🐾🐶🐾🐾

  2. Your the best love all your info. Watch all that I can find.

    1. We’ll post more videos soon. We appreciate you visiting and watching our videos! ❤️🌷❤️

  3. I just went back to see if I could order the harness and they have the right size. The wedding dress they were sold out. So I just ordered the sun dress and another one So I thought if my daughters puppy can’t fit it I will take it to this dog shelter for Maltese’s but there mixed breed and kinda big that they could use it for pictures or if someone adopted a dog. Thanks for telling me what size she would wear

    Love to you and the 4 gorgeous girls.

  4. Thanks for all the beautiful things you sent me. Can’t wait til she grows into them I wish you sold more grooming tools I want to get more combs and brushes I would love to get some of there really pretty bedding I’ve looked on line and in stores they all look cheap and some really ugly 😱 But I’m happy with it all.
    Going to have to use the eye kit 3 times a day she is getting her adult teeth and her eyes are running more and I talked to my vet he said she might have allergies from the food the breeder has her on going to go grain free and see if that work. I know all the things I bought are working her hair is so white and silky it beautiful and no mats

    Thank You so much for all your help and products. Even my vet noticteds the difference
    Send you and the 4 girls 💕

    1. Hello Brenda and sweet baby. I think your babies name is Tiamo right?

      We are so happy that your baby is enjoy the goodies we added. I bet she feels and smells so lovely.
      Team MO send our LOVE and HUGS to Mama Brown and Princess Tiamo!❤️❤️🌷❤️❤️

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