Small Ribbon Wrapped COMB Snap Hair Clips – Korean Styles

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We LOVE these KOREAN comb style snap hair clips for keep the loose hair away from Tweety’s eyes.    There is a tiny comb that you slide into the hair before you SNAP it into place and it hold down the hair for the entire day.

Approx 1.25″ inch or 3cm length

JUST SNAP OPEN and SNAP (or gently fold) Closed!   Easy to use and the ribbon makes it comfortable.

We’ve added a ‘Hello Kitty’ style pink bow to our ribbon snaps to make them look extra cute.


We also have some that have a sparkling HIBISCUS decoration, which we created when we were missing HAWAII.

NOTE:   Please do not leave these clips in when does are not supervised.   NOT SUITABLE FOR PUPPIES

3 comb snaps in 1.5″ size and 2 comb snaps in 1″ mini size in shades of Pink and Coral (no bow)











We show how to wear these in this video @ 16:00 minutes in:

Additional information


Pale Pink w/Pink Bow, Baby Blue w/ Pink Bow, White w/Pink Bow, Black w/Pink Bow, White Ribbon White Hibiscus, Light Pink Ribbon Pink Hibiscus, Hot Pink Ribbon Hot Pink Hibiscus, Coral Ribbon White Hibisicus, Black Ribbon White Hibiscus, Baby Blue Ribbon Baby Blue Hibisicus, Lavender w/Pink Bow, Royal Purple w/Pink Bow, Red with Pink Bow, SET of 8 Colors with Pink MO Bow, Set of 8 Jewel Tone Gold Kissed Comb Snaps, Set of 5 Pinky Pinks