Pure Paws Shampoo Travel Kit Sets


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We have been authorized to sell PUREPAWS.net products to our MalteseObsession friends.   You can learn more about this product by going to PurePaws.net and you’ll see TEAM MO gals on their header.

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Pure Paws is a professional line of shampoo and hair care products.


Please dilute 10:1 or 12:1 (10-12 parts WATER to 1 part Shampoo).


For conditioner, we like to use a whisk to dilute 12:1 (12 parts WATER to 1 part Conditioner).   The whisk helps to break up the conditioner.


We like to spray this onto our brushes and use as we do our daily brush outs!   Helps keep the hair healthy and prevent breakage during brush outs.

The H20 blue colored daily conditioning spray works great as a DETANGLER!


Most commercial dog shampoos are already diluted and you’ll go through a  large 10 – 12 oz bottle well before you go through these small travel kit bottles, since PUREPAW shampoos and conditioners need to be diluted 10:1 or 12:1.    In other words even the trial sized PUREPAWS shampoos will last longer then the shampoos you can get commercially.   Save money and give your dogs the absolute best quality shampoo products.


Silk Basics Line:   (black label)

We use this SILK Basics line during the winter months to give the maltese coat extra nourishment during the harsh winter weather.   The bottles look luxurious, the scent smells luxurious and the dogs coat look luxurious!   You can read about the ingredients of this product here on the Pure Paws page.

Oats & Aloe Line:   (clear label)

Great for puppies and dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.   Ingredients were formulated to sooth and heal damaged skin.       There is a yummy vanilla scent, which PurePaws describes as the Oatmeal Cookie sent makes all of our clients and their humans very happy.

Amplify Volumizing Line: (cobalt blue label)

Pure Paws formulated this product line with a unique blend of proteins that thickens the coat and adds volume while gently cleansing.   We love using the entire line up of the Amplify line, especially with Korean styling.     The scent for this line is fresh and clean, and rather mild and not as long lasting.

Reconstructing Line:   (purple label)

The Reconstructing and the Amplfy lines are Mama MO’s GO TO products during the spring and summer months.    The Reconstructing SHINE Conditioning Spray is our GO TO daily spritz spray for TWICE a day brush out.   The citric floral fragrance is either LOVED or VERY NON LIKED, depending on preference as this conditioning spray has the most unique scent, which we absolutely love.   The travel kit for this line is a great way to try out the product line.   The shampoo and conditioner do not have the same strong scent that the daily conditioning spray has.     This line is a great overall line, however it is the least nourishing to the coat, and more nourishment is needed if your maltese tends to have a drier coat.

H20 Line (ocean blue product and label)

This is a hydrating line with a fresh clean oceany scent.  The scent for this line is very unique and on the stronger side as well.   We don’t often use this line for the maltese, but we do use the H2O conditioning spray to detangle mats.

SECRET TIP:   H20 Conditioning Spray is an AWESOME DETANGLER

Whitening Travel Kit

This is an AMAZING kit to help whiten the coat of a maltese.   CAUTION:   These product whiten by dropping color into the stained coat.   CONDITIONING after using these products is very important.   We suggest using the White Magic in tiny quantities and rinsing after 60 seconds.     You can add a few drops of the WHITE MAGIC or you can add a dollop of the Brightening Shampoo to any of the other product lines for regular maintenance whitening and brightening.

Sulfate Free Travel Kit


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Silk Basics, Amplify, Oats N' Aloe, H20, Whitening, SLS FREE, Reconstructing, Forte Strengthening