Pure Paws H2O Mist 8 oz

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We enjoy using this particular product not as a daily conditioning spray, but we have found it helpful as a detangling spray when paired with a high quality slicker brush.  (we like the small Chris Christensen slicker brush to brush the mats out after using this H20 spray).   We will try and post a tutorial on our dematting technique on our Maltese Obsession youtube channel.

The scent is polarized, but most enjoy this scent.    Pure Paws H2O Shampoo 16 oz is $20.00 and Pure Paws H2O Conditioner 16 ox is $22.00 or you can try out this entire H2O product line in the H2O TRAVEL KIT for $27.00

Reminder that PURE PAWS is a professional line of products and most of their products should be diluted 1 part shampoo or conditioner to 10 parts water.


*This item is FLAMMABLE, therefore it can only be shipped GROUND.

H20 Hydrating Mist seals in the moisture and leaves no oily residue. This unique formula helps keep moisture in the hair shafts controlling dry fly away coats without creating limp hair. H2O Mist is a great product for reducing matting and maintaining moisture levels in the coat. Use daily to maintain optimal moisture levels. Hydrated shafts refract back brilliant color and shine. Get all the shine without the weight!

Dilution Ratio: 8-10 parts water to 1 part product Available in 8oz/237ml & 1/2 Gallon/1.89 Lite



SD Alcohol-40
Isopropyl Palmitate
Ethylhexyl Palmitate
Blue 1

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