BULK 500 or 1000 MO TOP KNOT Bands – MO SO SOFT Grooming Bands



BULK Quantities for Friends who want to STOCK UP on favorite colors:

In addition to our >100 bags that we sell of $1, we offer BULK Quantity of 500 or 1000 so you’ll never run out of your favorite colors.

We show these MO TOP KNOT Bands 9:00 minutes into this video




We bring to you our favorite SO SO SOFT AND STRETCHY, non toxic / non latex –  top knot bands in a mix of MO’s favorite colors.   These are about 1 – 1.5 cm  (unstretched)  and they stretch out easily for the perfect top knot.   Wear multiple colors in the longer top knots to keep the long hair from matting.    We’ve tested all kinds of bands and we have brought these ones in as they are the latest technology in hair bands that do not break the hair.      They are wonderfully made to gently hold the ponytails, piggy tails and topknots.   They STRETCH easily, but retract GENTLY!   We recommend changing out the top knot bands daily.

MOST RUBBER (ewwww) and Latex bands are BRITTLE and BREAK HAIR!   Rubber also snags and CREATES UGLY MATS!   Rubber gets dry in the sun and smells like … ewwww.    Ortho bands are tooooo TINY to open and golly, so dangerous when they pop around the eyes — hate them.

These are made from medical grade TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane.    They are thin, light, stretchy and made to slide easily out of the hair without breakage.  These SUPER STRETCHY and GENTLY Retracting TPU Elastics are by far the BEST BEST for top knots.    Us humans will use 3 or 4 of them together in our human hair to create a stronger hold, but these are IDEAL SIZE and IDEAL FEATHERWEIGHT for our MALTESE and small breed dogs.  We are incredibly picky about the girls top knot bands, since we work very hard to prevent hair breakage.

Caution:   BANDS are for HAIR ONLY — NEVER tie bands around any skin, especially staying away from EAR SKIN as the bands can cause permanent damage to skin.     Bands should be replaced daily!



8 Shades of Pink from

  • Pale Peachy Peach (not in picture)
  • Grapefruit Pink
  • Palest Princess Pink  – TOP SELLER
  • Cotton Candy Pink
  • Pinky Pink
  • NEW Sakura Cherry Blossom Pink
  • Pearlized Iridescent Sheen Pink
  • Neon Pinkalicious




5 Shades of Purple from

  • Sweet Pea Lavender (Pale Pinky Purple) (top left)
  • Wisteria Lavender (Cold Wisteria Lavender (top right)
  • Lilac Lavender (bottom middle) – TOP SELLER
  • Pearlized Iridescent Sheen Purple (bottom left)
  • Amethyst Purple (bottom right)


Baby Blue and Royal Blue


Strawberry Red & Ruby Red


Fluorescent Neons:   Key Lime, Zesty Lemon, Tangy Orange and Pinkalicious

Each bag has approx 1000 bands (we always add extra – measured by weight).   More colors on the way.


MO “Bones and Bands” KITS:   MO’s MIX Color KITS

Mama MO will put together a MO MIX or if you want …..

Let us know what colors you want and we’ll build you a custom kit filled with 5 Colors of bands and over a DOZEN of our MO BONE SNAPS.

YOU CAN ADD COMMENTS when you check out in the “ORDER NOTES”

All will be organized in a very nice little case that you can have at your grooming table or to throw in your purse!



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Neon Zesty Lemon, Neon Key Lime, Neon Tangy Orange, Ruby Red, Strawberry Red, White, Black, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, MO MIX – Fluorescents, Peachy Peach Pink, Grapefruit Pink, Princess Pink, Cotton Candy Pink, Pinky Pink, Sakura Pink, Pearly Pink, Neon Pinkalcious, Sweet Pea Lavender, Wisteria Cold Lavender, Lilac Lavender, Pearly Purple, Amethyst Purple, Clear


Bulk 500, Bulk 1000