New Pinky’s MINKY POM POMS – Minkylicious Pom Pom Hair Bling

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These are TINY 1″  MINKY Pom Pom’s attached to a matching ribboned alligator clip!   The total length of the clip is about 1.25 – 1.5″!   The size of the pom pom is about the length of our MO BONE Snaps.    The minky pom pom feels like a bunny, but it’s just faux furry mink, which is very trendy and fashionable in Korea!

Collect one by one or collect sets.   We are still designing our custom colors, so check back for more colors and sets.

Dolce da Diva’s Set of 5 Pom Poms
Tweety the Sweety’s Set of 5
Cosy Cosette’s Set of 5 Pom Poms
Pinky Pink’s Set of 5 Pom Poms
Mama MO’s Set of 10 (Colors can Vary)


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PINKY Pink Mink, Pretty Pinky Purple, Gorgeous Grey Lavendar, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Winter White, Boldly Black, PINKY's Set of 5, DOLCE's Set of 5, TWEETY's Set of 5, COSETTE'S Set of 5, Ruby RED, Mama MO's Set of 10 Available Colors, PINKY's Set of 5, Fuchsia Pink, Princess Pink, Deep Amethyst Purple