Bone Snaps – Maltese Obsession Signature Snap Hair Clips



These are THIN and VERY LIGHTWEIGHT snap hair clips that are great for holding down loose hairs.   About 1″ long and 1/2″ wide.   The coloring is not an added plastic piece, but the color is painted onto the clip so you won’t worry about the plastic coating peeling off.   SOLD IN SETS OF 12 clips per 1 set PLUS FREE MO TOP KNOT BANDS

New 2019 Colors sold in sets of 20 Mix of colors

We have a nice variety of pretty colors!

You can order a MIX of colors, or you can choose all pinks, all purples, all blues or just the black with white dots.   BEST and MOST used hair clip in the Maltese Obsession House of MO

New 2019 Colors Set of 26

(We’ve a few more new 2019 new colors on the way…..)

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Variety of our Available Colors, All White, All Pinky Pinks, All Blues, Black w/white dots, Reds, Purples, NEW 2019 Colors 20 Snaps, New 2019 26 Snaps Including Dotted